Dennis Schneider



7CB855        PCP 0         Age 25      Encum 7          AP 8           S%11 B

Stat Expansion (Str = 7, Dex = 12, End = 11, Int = 8, Edu = 5, Soc = 5)


Merchant, Officer 2, College


  • Graphic Design (2)
  • Advertising (2)
  • Streetwise (2)
  • Carousing (2)
  • Forgery (1)
  • Liason (1)
  • Brawling (1)
Starting Items of Particular Interest
  • Pet (a clingy Orangutan named Sal)
  • MID Passage
  • Decoration (for a very successful recruiting slogan & poster campaign from his first tour with the Merchant Marines)
  • Credits (10,400)

A former adman for the Merchant Marines, Dennis received a decoration for a very successful recruiting slogan and poster campaign during his first tour. When it came time for a new recruiting slogan during Dennis' second tour, his efforts were effective, but the bar set by his earlier success was too high, and Dennis was passed over for a promotion. This was the beginning of the end to his military career.

 Later that year, Dennis was fingered to take the fall for an incident in Singapore that led to his eventual dismissal. These days, he doesn't like to talk about it, but it was all the fault of his ne'e-do-well younger brother, Douglas. As it turns out, Douglas had amassed a large gambling debt to the Singapore dockmaster, but since no one else knew about the debt, Douglas thought he could take care of the debt by simply taking out the dockmaster, and making it look like a freak accident. Douglas followed the dockmaster to a downtown building one evening with a cage of enraged orangutans, which he released into the building once the dockmaster had gone inside. Unfortunately, Douglas did not realize that the building was the British Embassy. When an evacuation exposed the Prime Minister's wife was having an affair with the dockmaster, petty revenge for a gambling debt was escalated to an international political incident. Someone caught a glimpse of Douglas (who in the dark, looked a lot like Dennis) running away from the scene. Within the hour, Dennis was arrested at a local karaoke bar where he had been more or less innocently wooing the lassies. The rest is, as we say, history. Having been dismissed from service, Dennis now has custody of a clingy pet orangutan with a penchant for fruit as a constant reminder of an episode he would very much like to forget.

Post service, Dennis returned to Europe to put his adman skills to work commercially. He was able to make a modest living in the poster lithography trade, occasionally landing larger contracts for billboards and nose art.

Dennis Schneider

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