Penny McGregor

Quick as a wink and twice as cheeky, Penny is a wizard with anything mechanical. Handy with her fives, too.



889CDA        PCP 1         Age 25      Encum 8          AP 6           S%9 B

Stat Expansion (Str = 8, Dex = 8, End = 9, Int = 12, Edu = 13, Soc = 10)


Merchant, Officer 3, Honors College, Honors Science


  • Computer (2)
  • Electronics (2)
  • Mechanical (3)
  • Gravitics (2)
  • Engineering (4)
  • Pilot (1)
  • Navigation (1)
  • Brawling (3)

Starting Items of Particular Interest

  • TRAVELLER (membership in Traveller's Aid Society)
  • Pet
  • Decoration (2)
  • Credits (17,400)

Having a father who is one of the most widely respected mechanical craftsment of your time will either make you hate machines or love them.  While Penny's older brother ran off to a military career, avoiding the family business entirely, Penny embraced it from a young age.

Geoffry McGregor was discovered by Sir Marc Delacour while the latter was traveling in Ireland.  Determined to have better access to what he considered one of the finest mechanics he had ever met, Delacour paid for the transportation of the entire McGregor family from Ireland to France.  They literally dug up the family cottage and workshops and moved them via airship.

When she was of age, Penny went to school to get a bigger perspective on engineering and mechanics, and spent some years touring as ship's engineer with the Merchant Marine, in order to learn more about the world.  She served with great distinction, single-handedly defending the engine room from boarding parties on multiple occasions.  There is more than one pirate in prison who speaks respectfully of 'that red-haired girl with the wrench'.  Now she is back in France, and Luc Delacour, the son of her father's best patron, has commissioned a fine flying ship, in order to make a world tour.  Penny was indispensible in helping her aging father build the elegant craft, and is eager to see how it does in long-term flights.  Though her father wants her to stay at home and settle down, he is amply assisted by an army of capable under-mechanics, who, while they don't have Penny's panache, are perfectly useful for carrying out designs written by her father.

Infected by Luc's contagious enthusiasm, and additionally motivated by her concern that he will doubtless get himself into trouble, Penny has agreed to accompany him and his companions.  Had he found another mechanic, she might have stayed home.  But then again, perhaps not.  After all, he would be hard pressed to find someone with better credentials than herself!

Penny McGregor

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